This is one of those words that would have made no sense at all to our great-grandparents, but it is the word of the week, apparently.

I’ve had a couple of thinky posts rolling around my brain, but then I had a friend here all weekend (she just left), I went back to work today after two weeks off, and while there, received some unsettling news (I’ll tell you about it soon, just need to get my brain back, first).

So the thinky post will come.  Today, let me know who you are, especially if you’ve been lurking around here.  I LURVE comments, so bring it on.  Maybe tell me how you found this blog, too.


14 responses to “delurking

  1. You know I am always here checking on you, baby girl!

  2. Bwahahahah I glanced at your category cloud and spewed Coke when I saw “jewstuff”!

  3. Hey girl. Hoping nothing too dramatic is going on. We could all do with some boring routine. 🙂

  4. Hey chica…i found you way back when on your first blog and have been stalking you ever since…bwahahahaha!

  5. Suzanna Catherine

    Been lurking for several months…following your ups and downs. So thrilled for you to have your life back.

    Also, love your doggie stories and pictures. She’s so cute!

  6. I lurk a little, comment a little, follow you around from blog to blog… 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the unsettling news. Hope it’s not too lousy for you.

  7. Hi, I found you during ICLW December (my first one). Yeah, I guess our grandparents certainly wouldn’t have understood “delurking.” I had to look it up myself!

    Sorry about your hopefully-not-horrible news.

  8. I’m not a lurker but I’ll say hi anyway! I found you when you started this third installment. 🙂

  9. I’m here. Not a lurker either but just saying hi. I found you after seeing some stuff about LFCA about blog moves etc. After having been in an abusive relationship myself in the past I just kept reading.
    I hope the unsettling news is ok.

  10. Ditto PrincessofTides…..

  11. Can’t remember quite how I found you (LFCA?), but it was two previous blogs ago. ; )

    I hope the “unsettling” news is nothing too serious.

  12. Peeking out from the corner…HI! LOL

    I can’t for the life of me remember how I found you, but I’m sure it was either LFCA or from the blogroll at Mel’s. I’ve followed you since the first blog. (I’m on my third blog too, btw…first was A View On My Life, then Into The Light Again, and now A Long and Winding Road….whew, I’m done moving!)

    Hope everything is ok!

  13. Been lurking for a while now. Found your blog form another blog I also lurk on. My sister is in a very similar situation, IF, horrible ex, escape, starting a new life, so it has been interesting to read your blog. Maybe now I won’t lurk and will actually start to comment.

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