the unsettling news

Apparently the program I work for is running out of money.  Like, by June, they’ll have to eliminate one position.  Guess who is the most recent hire?

My supervisor wasn’t supposed to tell me (the powers-that-be didn’t want a panic on their hands) but she said her conscience couldn’t let me stay in the dark.  Her suggestion was to apply for another position that fairly frequently has openings.  It is a position that I thought eventually I might want to do, but for now I was really enjoying my job (mostly) and to tell the truth, I haven’t even totally figured out my current position.

The good news, that I just found out, was that at tomorrow’s staff meeting (just for my little program–just 8 of us), one of the bigwigs will come and tell the entire group about the situation.  Of course, it doesn’t change that I’m the most recent hire, but I feel better having everyone know, and maybe if someone was anticipating some kind of change (one co-worker goes to school and has talked about possibly going full time, maybe someone else wants to apply for that other position that I mentioned before–if one comes up, which is likely).

Part of me feels like this could be a really good thing for me.  The other position would be better for my career, of course, that’s assuming one comes open and I could get hired.  Most of me feels like things are going to work out, but there is a not-insignificant part of me that is pretty freaked out.

Feel free to wave your magic wand around for me a bit.  All thoughts, prayers, etc., are appreciated.

Oh, and keep de-lurking.  I like it.


10 responses to “the unsettling news

  1. I don’t have a magic wand, but I can wave around a few knitting needles like magic wands…think that will do the trick?
    I’m so sorry this is a possibility…the job market and economy suck ass right now.
    Saying lots of prayers (and waving those needles) that things work out for the betterment of your career. Hang in there!

  2. Oh, ugh. Crappy news. But, I agree with your boss, it’s better to know ahead of time than to be completely blindsided in June. Actually, Mo is dealing with a similar issue (a new head football coach was just hired at his school), and he’s having to come up with his own “backup” plan for next year.

    Sometimes, these kinds of things are the motivating factor that get us into a better position (like the one you mentioned) that we may not have been brave enough to reach for just yet.

    I’ll be thinking about you and sending good vibes your way. I have no doubt that, whatever happens, you will take it in stride and come out even better than you were before. You have a way of doing that, you know.


  3. I hope something opens up – or that this is an opportunity rather than a setback. Good luck!

  4. I truly hope this is a case of something wonderful coming your way. {{{Hugs}}} and prayers my friend.

  5. I love your boss for giving you a heads up. Bigger, better things may be headed your way!

    Wow, I sound like a cheesy horoscope in the newspaper.

  6. Well, that sucks. 😦 But it was nice of them to give you plenty of notice. And sounds like the door is open a crack to move into another position. Good luck!!

  7. So glad you got to find out about this ahead of time. Hoping whatever comes ends up being a good change.

  8. I just know this is going to come up roses for you.

    And happy birthday, too!


  9. That would be unsettling. I hope that things all end up working out in the best possible way for you. Sending many positive wishes for this in fact. Hugs to you.

  10. Hope things turn out o.k!

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