famous friday: chew on this

La Famosa would like to apologize for her extended absence.  She took a little break, and as breaks tend to do, the little break turned into a long break.

Miss Famous has decided that her favorite season is right after Christmas, because the post-holiday sales mean that she might get a huge (albeit goyishe) candy-cane shaped bone to chew on for the new year (so much cheaper than the non-candy-cane shaped ones…how could I resist?).

She would also like to show off her beautiful brown eyes for just a moment (or maybe that’s me…):

Now leave her alone, she’s got some chewing to do!

9 responses to “famous friday: chew on this

  1. I think those brown eyes are beautiful too. : )

  2. So happy to see Miss Famous! She always puts a smile on my face and I can tell she does that for you too. *joy!*

  3. I love that Miss Famous is back from her break!

    After Christmas sales are irresistible! I hope you stocked up and Miss Famous is chewing on candy cane shaped bones all year long!

  4. Oh man, wish I had seen some of those bones around here. My dogs would love them.

    Glad La Famosa is back. I missed her.

  5. BTW, can you send me your addy and phone # at my new email address cruzowlpost at att dot net

    I can’t find where I had your info written down.

  6. Lol. Such a pretty dog, and with attitude too! 🙂

  7. I’ve got a black dog too, though a coat that’s not nearly as luxurious as Famous’s. What a proud plume she carries for a tail.

    Good luck in your interview on Tues, by the way. And may you be offered the job you want the most.

  8. Nothing like cheap bones. Glad she got her bone and she seems to be enjoying it.

  9. You have the most beautiful dog! I love seeing her!

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