in brief (with more to come later)

The therapy session was good.  I think we found our winner of the “who wants to help QD shuffle through her crazy?” contest.  I’ll have to think of a good nickname for her.  Too bad Jendeis already has dibs on the best therapist nickname ever (Fairy Godmother, if you didn’t know).

Job interview tomorrow.  Not nervous yet.  I’m sure that will change.  I’m sure I’ll find out by the end of the week if I got it or not , as they are feeling really antsy to get someone started quickly.  To recap: we will be happy if either I or my co-worker get the job (thereby making the other person’s job secure).  Not so happy if neither of us gets it.

Now is the time to chillax (in the parlance of our times) and not be productive.

That is all.


9 responses to “in brief (with more to come later)

  1. Good luck! Hope your interview goes well…

  2. So glad the therapy thing went well. Everything crossed for you on the job front too.

  3. Oh, I’m getting excited for you! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow. What time is your interview? Don’t forget to post how it goes. Keeping everything crossed that you get some good news soon.


  4. The interview will be at 3:45 Central Time. 🙂

  5. I’ll send some good thoughts your way tomorrow at 2:45.

    Now go back to the chillax.

  6. Good luck tomorrow. And I hope your therapist proves to be a keeper! Glad the signs are good.

  7. Glad you seem to have found a good therapist.

    Good luck with your job interview.

  8. She can still be Fairy Godmother – she’s YOUR Fairy Godmother so I’d say it’s AOK to use the same name. I’m so glad you like her. 🙂

    Hoping the job thingy works out!!!

  9. Good luck with the interview!
    Glad you found a good therapist :-).

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