Just got out of the interview a few minutes ago.  It seemed to go well.  My co-worker is in there now.

I hate how braggy I feel in interviews, but you’ve got to toot your own horn, I guess.  “Let me tell you how great I am and what a phenomenal job I do.”

I’ll keep you updated on if the bragging paid off, or if my co-worker’s does, or if we’re just SOL.


7 responses to “over

  1. Woo hoo! So proud of you. Keeping my fingers crossed for some good news!


  2. It feels like it went well. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed and am anxious to hear what your next step is.

  3. Wooohoooooooo! Praying the job is yours!

  4. I hope you’re getting good news soon.

  5. Hope you get the job!!!

  6. You go girl! Of course you have to boast about yourself. There’s much to brag about!

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