famous friday: Miss Famous gives an ICLW welcome to all

She got all dressed up and everything.  (Well, she did have a bit of help from my niece, who considers La Famosa her own personal Barbie-doll-dog).

So welcome.

True story:  I married a crazy person, but didn’t really realize it until last spring.  Miss Famous and I got the heck out so that I could get far away from his emotionally abusive ways and stayed with my parents for a few months.  They have become total Famous Fans, proved by their insistence on being my dog-sitters if I ever go out of town.  Back in September, her famousness and I moved to a city about an hour away from my parents and I started a new job.  My divorce from the crazy Mr. X was finalized in December and the pooch and I are starting out the new year in style (as you can see above).  Miss Famous and I are getting used to living in our new city, which really is a fabulous place.  My job security is a wee bit uncertain at the moment (my program may have to eliminate a position in June), but Miss Famous assures me that all I would have to do would be to put a “Will Wag Tail and Lick Face For Food” sign on her, stick her by an intersection close to the freeway, and we’d be rollin’ in the bucks.  She’s probably right.

Could YOU deny this face?


12 responses to “famous friday: Miss Famous gives an ICLW welcome to all

  1. LOL “Will Wag Tail and Lick Face For Food” I thought La Famosa had said that to you, to hang the sign around your neck. That would have been interesting. 🙂

    Good for you, getting the heck out ! Loving someone doesn’t mean abusing them. Like we say here : t’es bonne, t’es belle, t’es fine, t’es capable. Good, beautiful, nice and able to do whatever you aim to do.

  2. You are like a sailboat that has sails unfurled, charting a brave course to a new, better land. Great self-belief is what gets you out of horrible situations; believing thta you deserve better and not afraid of wiping a bad detour off your map. I am so very happy for you.

    Lisa (yourgreatlife ICLW #44)

  3. Good for you on getting out and starting over! Miss Famous is very cute.


  4. True story. I was walking my dog (dearly departed Sampson) with a friend and her dog. She had to go in to a copier store and I waited outside with the dogs. We had walked up to Mcdonalds so I had an empty coffee cup in my hand. This old lady comes up to me and starts opening up her coin purse to give me spare change.

    Everyone says I should have taken it.

    I’ll give La Famosa anything she wants.

  5. What a beautiful dog!

  6. rainingblossoms

    Your dog is so adorable. I would donate!!! I hope everything goes well with your job this summer. I know it’s hard to start a new life, but it sounds like you are doing an amazing job!! Keep up the good work.

  7. LaFamosa could get anything she wanted from me!

  8. Hooray for Miss Famous! =D I can tell she has a beautiful soul.

    Found your blog through ICLW. I just wanted to stop by to give you huge hugs and congrats for getting out of your abusive marriage. I, too, am an Infertile who was once trapped in a horrifically abusive relationship (mostly emotional/verbal with a dash of physical), so I understand how gut-wrenchingly difficult it is to come to the realization that you NEED to leave. That you deserve so much better. Kudos to you.

    Looking forward to following your journey!

  9. Miss Famous is adorable 🙂

    I found your blog through the ICLW page (I’m not participating) and I’ll be following along now. I’m getting a divorce and it’s helpful to read the words of someone who has already gone through it.

  10. Miss Friday is absolutely lovely! I have three dogs here – to say that I’m a dog lover is an understatement!

    Wishing you all the very best.


  11. Miss Famous is not only cute, she’s a wise philosopher. You two gals have already survived so much, you’ll get through an uncertain job market too.

  12. Hello from ICWL!!

    Miss Famous is not only fabulous, but she has the most fabulous pup name ever!! I’m sorry to hear about your tough year last year, but I have a feeling 2010 will be looking up for you. Nice to meet you!

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