ready for Monday

It hasn’t been one of my better weekends.

Between the repairs that my car needs being more costly and time-consuming than I had expected and what was supposed to be a quick trip to see my family turning into a much longer one (yes, the two are connected) and the uncomfortable feelings about my family that I always end up feeling when I’m around them for very much time at all…well, I’m ready for Monday.

I had Friday off from work, and I decided to go to my parents’ on Thursday night so that my dad’s mechanic could fix my car.  I hoped to be on my way back home by Friday afternoon.  Well, the best laid plans and all that, I guess.  And I still don’t have my car (I’m driving something borrowed).

I am left feeling tender with some old wounds uncovered.  I am left feeling uneasy about my own thoughts and feelings.  I am left wishing that I could have my three day weekend back.

I had some interesting realizations.  Not blog-worthy, necessarily, but I feel like I’m putting the pieces together to a puzzle called, “Why I ended up with an emotional abuser.”  So a couple more pieces slipped into place.

This is hard.


6 responses to “ready for Monday

  1. Nothing like visiting family to stir up the ole’ dirt…..

  2. Sounds a bit miserable. I hope that your monday leaves you feeling a bit better. Hugs to you.

  3. I find my most miserable days are when something goes wrong with a car repair or a house repair. It reminds me that I am in this alone and brings me down.

    Then whatever major thing I thought it was (not emotional things – physical things like the kitchen faucet breaking) gets fixed and in the big scheme of things I realize it wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen and I can manage and I am strong.

    Maybe like me the car repair started you feeling down and if so, I think it’s natural. Sorry the family didn’t help the situation.


  4. They sure gave you a lot of opportunity to practice ‘staying curious’, didn’t they. And, uncomfortable as it was, it sounds like you gained some good insights, that may be more powerful than you think right now.

  5. When I was going through divorce, my counselor would say, “There’s nothing like a visit home to do some ‘research’.” That is, research to figure out where you learned the patterns that drive your life.

    May you coast into Monday and enjoy your week…leaving the weekend, the patterns and the car trouble behind.

  6. Whatever it is, hon, I have no doubt you will come out on the other end MUCH stronger. I love you and I’ll always be walking with you.
    P.S. thank you for sending me a text today. Your timing was PERFECT!

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