mental health days

I have been not doing so great.  I got my Jewish divorce (get) on Sunday.  Of course, I was planning a whole rambly post about that, but, as you know, it didn’t happen.  I’ve been pretty down in the dumps, I think about the whole divorce thing.  I saw my therapist on Monday, and I was talking about my general malaise, and she asked if I could take a couple of days off from work.  Huh.  Well, sure.  I guess I can do that.  It never even occurred to me on my own that I could do something so radical.  I’ve got the sick days (and personal days, too, for that matter), so I took today off (though I talked on the phone more than I liked to work people about work stuff).  I’m taking tomorrow off, too (and am planning to NOT talk on the phone about work stuff).  Maybe I’ll feel less blah on Thursday and more ready to take on the world.  Maybe.

At any rate, that’s why the posting’s been light.  It may continue to be light for a few days/couple of weeks/however long this funk lasts.



16 responses to “mental health days

  1. I’m glad you took a day to yourself. I hope tomorrow is healing for you. You can call or text me if you’d like. Love you, sweetie! It’ll be OK! I promise!

  2. I’m here. I’m reading. I’m thinking of you.


  3. Huge bone crushing hugs from me. I promise it will get better. Take care of yourself first and foremost!

  4. Good for you for taking the mental health days. I hope they leave you feeling much renewed. And many hugs coming your way just to let you know I’m thinking of you.

  5. Well, the last stages of disentanglement are the most painful, but I am glad that you are slowly becoming ‘free’….

    I am glad you took the offs, and I hope you will use them well. Use it for stupid TV and long walks.

  6. Yes, I agree, sometimes you need psychiatric time for yourself, in which to eat Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and watch Pride and Prejudice. Oh, wait. That’s me. That said, I want you to get your girlfriends together and go dancing. Have a good time, sans y-chromosomes, and (think South Pacific) wash that man right out of your hair! You deserve a break. Take one!

  7. And please be sure to post about when you go dancing. It should be fun, and if it isn’t, call me. I can shake my ass stone cold sober. I swing from the ceiling fans when drunk. 😉

  8. I’m glad she suggested a mental health day, & glad you took her up on it. I don’t always take all my personal days — silly me. :p I find February to be a “blah” sort of month anyway, nevermind dealing with a divorce. You’re entitled. (((hugs)))

  9. Nothing wrong with taking a few days off to recharge your batteries. I hope your feeling better soon!! I bet Miss Famous is loving you being home too.

  10. {{{Huge hugs}}} Mental health days are important. I promise it will get better.

  11. Sending a hug for the funk. I too think mental health days are important–just as if not more important that bodily sick days. It’s all about keeping your whole self well.

  12. Sometimes you just need to give yourself the opportunity to step back and breathe. I know it’s a difficult time but I’m glad you’re taking some time for yourself today.

  13. I’m glad you have a couple of days to yourself. Good for you.

    It’s amazing how refreshing a little down time can be.

    Relax…and enjoy!

  14. Thinking of you! Yeah, mental health days are good..time to give yourself some time just digest and find peace. I hope that you find peace soon.

  15. Good for you for taking mental health days!

  16. Many hugs, just because you need them, and many wishes for a bright Spring in your heart after a long, hard Winter.

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