show and tell: playlist

Check out the rest of the class over at Mel’s.

The housemate is gone tonight so I get to turn the music way up.

Here’s what I listen to when I’m feeling like wallowing:

And here’s a little pick me up:

Or this one, which I recently rediscovered:

What do you listen to to feel better?


12 responses to “show and tell: playlist

  1. I listen to either Steely Dan or Stevie Wonder (specifically, the Songs in the Key of Life double album).

  2. Aimee Mann. Indigo Girls.

    You’ve got some good ones! Hope they work their magic on you :-).

  3. I have a couple of mix tapes from college – they do the trick every time!

  4. bionicbrooklynite

    i’m a big fan of the internet broadcast of WWOZ (New Orleans’ Jazz and Heritage station). it depends a little bit on what show is on, but in general the volunteer djs are so in love with what they’re doing that they improve my mood.

    though they also make me want to move to new orleans. bad.

  5. I love the Dylan song! To feel better–depends, sometimes Indigo Girls, sometimes Wierd Al, sometimes a good ole musical.

    Love your choices!

  6. Conway Twitty. Yeah. You want a man with a slooow hand…

  7. Hah I TOTALLY scream Survivor by Destiny’s Child. That’s a great song!

  8. I listen to Depeche Mode and the some 70s and 80s punk. Right now, though, I’m totally in love with some music I discovered over the summer at music fests – Electric Junkyard Gamelin, Novalima and Steve Gibons Gypsy.

    And then there is always Habib Koite.

  9. It all depends. Here are two songs I adore…Felangaye and this version of Stand By Me.

  10. When I want to feel better I listen to Weezer, Barenaked Ladies and three albums a friend made me a few years back, punk and rock.

  11. Don’t Think Twice is my favorite Dylan song.

    I listen to Radiohead when I want to feel better, esp. OK Computer.

  12. Great picks! I can listen to Third Eye Blind until I’m blue in the face (from jamming along!) and P!nk.

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