celebrate good times

For the Steadfast Warrior’s Friday Photo Challenge.

Theme:  Celebrations

In my family, birthdays mean cake and candles.

This year, for my first Hannukah on my own, I celebrated by myself, quietly (I showed a similar photo from a different night of Hannukah for show & tell).


5 responses to “celebrate good times

  1. Definitely celebratory! Cakes and candles 🙂

    A first holiday on your own is a celebration as well, but in a quieter way. I felt sad to break from tradition but finding new ways to celebrate the holidays is so empowering!

    Thank you for sharing these photos!

  2. I love the pics. The last one is so beautiful, the colorsso warm and inviting.

  3. There’s something about candles, and I guess flames in general, that seems to be intrinsic in our celebrations. The menorah photo is my favourite. You can feel the peacefulness of it.

  4. Candles are one of those things that can change any mood at any time… they are celebratory, cozy, and beautiful.

    And cake… well, that just tops it off. Good pics!

  5. Candles can mean so many things: excitement, anticipation, and celebration or peace and tranquility.

    Loved the photos!

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