friday photo challenge…take a guess

Any guesses?

Miss Famous is taking the day off as we are gearing up to go see the fam tomorrow for my nephew’s birthday.  I’m excited to see them, but anticipate a drain on my emotional energy.  Maybe some cute niece/nephew/La Famosa photos will be in the works for next Friday.  Hmmm…

Check out the other mystery photos over at the Steadfast Warrior’s digs.


8 responses to “friday photo challenge…take a guess

  1. Cookie mix? I think I see oats, white and brown sugar, nuts (walnuts?) and flour. Hmmm, makes me want something sweet now…

    Have a good weekend. Just remember to breathe!

  2. I think it is a yummy cookie mix too! Makes me want to create something like my “kitchen sink” cookies.

  3. One of my kids made me a Christmas gift one year in school. It was a jar layered with the ingredients to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We recently made them on a snow day in December. They were delicious!

    I am with the other commenters…I think it’s a yummy cookie mix in a jar.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. I agree with all the above, but it makes me think of christmas!! yummy

  5. I agree with Lindsay. It looks like cookies in a jar.

  6. I agree that it looks like cookie mix stuff in a jar. yummy. Cookies.

  7. Mmm…definitely cookies in a jar!

    LOVE those! 🙂

    I like how you framed the shot with the ribbon on the left, too.

  8. Cookies in a jar !!

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