what it is

Well, just about everyone was right in their guesses.  I suppose I wasn’t too sneaky in my attempt to conceal the subject of my photograph in last week’s photo challenge.  Here it is, a gift from my older sister, yes, cookie mix:

I’m feeling a little bit blah, to tell you the truth.  OK, more than a little bit, but I went to my doctor today and we’re going to try a different anti-depressant, so hopefully in 2-4 weeks I’ll be feeling better.

More to come soon.  I think I owe a sock post or something.

And I suck at this month’s ICLW.  Sorry about that.


6 responses to “what it is

  1. It’s okay to feel blah sometimes. I hope you find the right combination of meds and hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope the new medication makes a difference. Sending you many hugs.

  3. Well, it is crucial that you keep on investing a part of you in getting and feeling better…..it will need a lot of determination, and my best wishes are with you….

  4. Hope the new type of anti-depressant helps. I know for me, sometimes a brand change makes all the difference.

  5. i am so sorry you are feeling the blahs.
    embrace it, you know? don’t let it determine what your day will be like. acknowledge it and let it know that you are in charge.
    know that it will pass.
    they always do.
    write it out or talk to someone.
    force yourself to be out and about or read or watch a movie or SOMETHING. baby steps on these days.
    from someone who has suffered, and still does, from the big d-word since childhood ….
    i understand.

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