♦ I had been meaning to continue the daily posting, but then a friend came to visit, and, well, I was having fun.  (This is the same friend who was here last week for a night.)

♦ The only weirdness about the visit was with her giddiness about being in a new relationship (she split up from her husband last May).  This part is totally about me and not about her in the least.  This new guy sounds great, etc., but I noticed a fair amount of skepticism/cynicism in my reactions (which I did not share with her at all).  I wonder if I will ever lose this cynicism, this feeling that the giddy in-love phase is not real, this feeling that I can’t trust those feelings.

♦ I start my divorce recovery group on April 6th.  It seemed so far away when I signed up, now it’s right around the corner.

♦ Last day of my spring break today.  Back to the grindstone tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll finally get used to daylight savings time…


4 responses to “sundries

  1. After what you went (are going) through, I would be more concerned if you were into the giddiness. I expect you will be cautious for quite a while…but, being cautious is quite different from being skeptical and cynical. It will be ok sweetie.


  2. I do think your cynicism will go away, it just takes time. It’s really hard to keep our mouths shut, even when we know it’s better we do. Good for you for doing just that.

    I hope tomorrow goes well for you!

  3. After my divorce, I remember feeling as though I would never ever have those feelings (giddiness, in love, etc.) for anyone. How could I ever trust my feelings or trust someone again?

    But after a while, as the healing progressed and I knew myself better and gained strength, it all came back…but it was even better than before.

    I’m sending you energy for patience and faith…it will happen, in time.

  4. I too would say that the lack of giddiness is a normal reaction at this point. With all that happened it may take a bit longer also for some of those feelings to come back but I truly think they will at some point. Hang in there and hugs to you.

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