can I have some cheese with this?

I’ve been thinking about posting a lot, but something’s come up around these parts that is greatly affecting my ability to string coherent thoughts together (or even have coherent thoughts):  pollen.

Now, the problem with me (or one of them anyway) is that when I deal with “allergies” (i.e. allergies to the stuff floating in the air), I don’t get all snotty or sneezy or any of the regular allergic stuff most people have to tolerate at this time of year around here.  I get migraines.  Like, every day.  And I’ve been taking much more of my migraine meds than normal  This, in addition to the brain-dead-ness that the headaches bestow, adds another level of symptoms (i.e. “side effects”) and I mostly just want to crawl into a dark place and hide.  And I often consider not taking the meds, because, well, sometimes they seem worse than what I’m taking them for, but then I remember that if I don’t, the headaches will get so bad that nothing will work and I will just spend the rest of the day vomiting.  Fun.  So I take them, and curse the pollen.  And curse my head, which seems to go into migraine-mode at the first sign of anything off-kilter in the environment.

And the first night of my divorce recovery group is tonight.  I know it is a good thing, but, really?  I’d rather just stay home and be a vegetable.

Do you hear that?  I think it’s the sound of a hundred tiny violins playing…


8 responses to “can I have some cheese with this?

  1. Can you take some sort of allergy medication instead of migraine medication? I swear by Nas.o.nex; I think it blocks the receptors that trigger the release of histamines, rather than blocking the histamines themselves. Might be worth investigating…

    Also, the first night probably will not require a lot of work – may just be a getting-to-know-you period, where you could mostly be a vegetable. Good luck.

  2. I take all kinds of allergy meds–flonase, zyrtec, and sudafed for just in case–and I nasal rinse (tmi?). I’m just a mess, I guess.

  3. Ask your doc about a ‘script for Rhinocort. It works way, way better than flonase,,,seriously, rhinocort is freaking incredible. Also, if your co-pays aren’t too heinous, it might be worth getting a referral to an allergist.

    Feel better hon!

  4. I may be playing one of the violins because I can get migraines (not related to allergies or pollen), and they are tough!

    I’m sorry to hear that you get migraines this time of year. That is NO fun! I hope you find something that will help with the migraines and not make you feel so yucky!

    Hopefully you’ll feel good enough to go to your group tonight.

  5. Does that mean that you won’t be going out til the next frost? I have a friend who suffers from migraines and she takes Topomax and actually gets botox injections around her hairline. I hope you find a way to deal with it – no violins, just the sounds of soothing waves (quiet soothing waves) of healing.

  6. I was going to also ask if it was possible to take allergy meds premptively. I’m sure you’ve tried that. Hope the migraines stop soon.

  7. My grandmother is the poster child for marital support groups. She always dreaded going to the meetings, but in the end they were cathartic and gave her a better sense of closure.

    I hope that your group ends up being everything you needed it to be.

  8. UHG! I’m sorry hon. I get allergies but not migraines. My allergy attacks suck, I can’t imagine getting a migraine on top of it. Hope you find a remedy, soon!

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