• Still sore.  I think this is the sorest I’ve ever been from working out.  The next time I see that evil, evil man the trainer will be Wednesday morning.  Probably just as I’m starting to feel better. 🙂
  • Of course, I’m probably sorer than usual this time because I’m more out of shape than previously.
  • Migraines are a bit improved.  The needle lady had me stop taking one of the supplements, and they seem to be getting better (though they’re still around part of the time, of course).
  • The group.  I have read one chapter out of the three that were “homework.”  I called two people, one didn’t answer.  I got one phone call (don’t think that counts as one of the three calls I’m supposed to make during the week).
  • I have made a connection between this physical ouchy-ness and my feelings.  With all of this physical pain, I hesitate to sit, or move in certain ways sometimes because when I start to make the movement—ouch, ouch, OUCH, it’s going to hurt!  Once I actually pull up my big-girl panties and just do whatever it is, it’s usually not that bad.  There are a lot of feelings rolling around in me that I react to in much the same way.  I start to get close to them and ouch, ouch, OUCH, it’s going to hurt!  And I won’t say it’s a field of daisies once I do feel those pesky feelings, but it’s often not as bad as I tell myself it’s going to be.

7 responses to “randomness

  1. In my experience, big girl panties aren’t as comfortable as their roominess make it sound.

    Great analogy between the emotional and physical sensations!

  2. I love the analogy as well…and to take it one step further…

    Each time I have anticipated and endured an “ouch, ouch, ouch” situation, I come out feeling stronger and more confident.

    I just need to remember that each time I anticipate an “ouch, ouch, ouch” situation.

    Good reminder!

  3. It always amazes me when insights into our own behavior come from unlikely sources. Good for you for putting 2 and 2 together.

  4. Hang in there with the working out. When I would start again after a long break, I would always be sore the 2nd day – like barely can walk sore. Sticking with it is the best way to prevent that. And you are so insightful to compare the physical pain with the emotional. So true.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog – I did get them! 🙂

  5. Wow….I am a little like that lately…there is a huge gap between ‘perceived’ and ‘felt’ and often the former is more loaded than the latter which is actual.

    But I am glad that YOU are trying to get back in shape. Keep up the effort.

    Good Luck!

  6. I’ve always found that the thought of the act is WAY more painful than the act itself. Our minds work TOO much! Why can’t our abs be as hard core as our minds ;o)

    I hope this morning went well.

  7. Once I get done feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck my goal is to start working a bit with a physical trainer. I’m both anticipating and dreading this. Good for you for keeping up with it all.

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