famous friday: breaking the hiatus

Yes, Miss Famous knows she has been absent for quite a while, and for this she apologizes.  Something about no time due to taking care of her crazy owner, I don’t really know what that means.

Anyhow, La Famosa and I will be going to see the family this weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  My sis who lives farther away will be coming with her three girls, and the niece and nephew who live close by will, of course, be there, also.  Miss Famous doesn’t actually know yet that we’ll be making this trip, though if she did, her reaction would be something like EXCITED, EXCITED, Excited, excited, less excited, not excited, oh yeah those kids never leave me alone.  That is, if she could really reason through it in that way.  At any rate, that’s pretty much how she responds when we see them.  Super excited at first, winding down into tolerating them (especially my nephew, who is quite the bruiser).  On that note, I bring you photographic evidence of her not-as-excited phase of being with my little people.  (Things are too crazy when she’s in the excited phase to think about taking pictures.)

She has had a haircut since these photos, so my first thought upon seeing them was, “Wow, she’s furry!”  She’s back to her sleek summer self at the moment:


2 responses to “famous friday: breaking the hiatus

  1. Smashing haircut Miss Famous and best of luck with the children!

  2. Miss Famous is beautiful – I love her pose in the last photo 🙂

    *iclw #56

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