with weekends like this…

It kind of makes one yearn for the workweek.

The trip to see my family was not all I had hoped for.  My older sister, who has bipolar disorder, just had to get her medication adjusted because she’s been cycling up into a manic phase.  The good news is that she went to the doctor on her own and has been fairly open about what’s been going on.  The bad news is that she’s taking it all out on her daughter, my 12 year old niece who lives with my parents.  I’m very proud of my sister that she went to the doctor on her own, I’m worried that she’ll get sicker and stop taking her medication (which is usual for people in a manic phase), and I’m pissed at her that she’s being so awful to my niece.

I got back late last night and today I’ve been holed up in my room, napping and watching silly TV shows.  I did a little internet search and found out that Mr. X is getting married in June.  Saw their wedding website and everything.  I think I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop since I found out they were living together.  I think it just dropped.  I don’t know if I am in shock or if I’m really not that upset.  I’m probably just in shock.

Maybe I’ll write something reflective about this later.  Right now I’m just going to go back to the silly TV shows and snuggling with the dog.


5 responses to “with weekends like this…

  1. Wow! With a weekend like that, no wonder you are looking forward to the work week!

    I think your ideas of watching silly TV shows and snuggling with the dog make perfect sense.

    Happy Sunday (almost Monday)!

  2. there is nothing wrong with losing oneself in tv shows … books, movies, whatever it takes to escape for a little while. more power to you. i spent an entire childhood lost with The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, H.R. Pufnstuf and the like, so i hear you, sister friend!
    and as a grownup, well all i can say is tonight GLEE is on ….. and i plan on escaping!!!!!

  3. mommyinwaiting

    Family can complicate our lives so much and having a family member with bipolar is sometimes scary. No wonder you want to go back to work. Hang in there.

  4. It is probably shock. I remember finding out via the internet that my ex got married. I was shocked and had feelings of “why couldnt it work for us?” even though I was in a long term relationship myself at the time!
    I hope your week has improved 🙂

  5. sucks when the weekend is that overwhelming. Thinking of you and sending hugs.

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