famous friday: finally!

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Yes, Miss Famous has decided to grace us with her presence again and participate anew in the long and venerated internet tradition of Friday Dog Blogging.

I have been trying for a while to catch her in the act of excitement.  I’ve wanted to get her on video jumping around, so you could see just a little slice of her exuberance.  The problem has been that I’ll notice that she’s jumping/running around (usually after a walk), I’ll think, “Oh!  I want to record this!”  I then find the camera, get it ready, and try to make a video…of course by that time, she’s calmed back down and so I end up with something like this:

or this:

This week, however, I did it! This is Miss Famous doing her routine where she jumps from one couch to another, back and forth and back and forth.  Enjoy!


9 responses to “famous friday: finally!

  1. She’s such a happy puppy!

  2. I have to make sure my dogs don’t see this. I think it would give them bad ideas.

  3. Woohoo! Couch dance 😀

  4. Looks like a fabulous Friday to me!!!

  5. She’s so cute. I used to do this game with Sadie where she’d run at me like she was going to run me over and then dodge at the last minute. Then she’d come back from the other direction. It was so funny.

  6. Love it! Too cute!!!

  7. One of my dogs used to do this, but not on the couches! I loved it, it always made me smile. We called it an attack of deliciousness. 🙂

  8. Very cute puppy!

  9. I’m thinking she must shed very much at all -if my dog did that there would be on a black couch, well…. it would look like a hairy, white couch! Now if I could only jump back and forth like that with such ease – she is so cute!!!!

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