catching up

I seem to have fallen out of the blogging habit in the last few days.  Partly, I have not been able to communicate well what has been going on, which is mostly internal.  There are a few externals that I’ll catch you up on, and hopefully this will end the blogging drought.

  • I have started lessons in the Alexander Technique.  A woman in my group (actually one of the volunteer facilitators) is a teacher of the technique, and she has been kind enough to give me a reduced rate.  I have had two lessons so far and have been becoming more and more aware of how much I tense my muscles (shoulders, neck, and jaw particularly) and how unaware of my body I am most of the time.  I had been talking with my therapist about finding a way to learn to be more present in my body and then I learned about this technique and that D teaches it.  I will try to write more about it later.  It’s been a really fascinating experience, so far.
  • I have decided to stop sticking my head in the sand about my finances.  I think I had a pendulum-swing reaction to not being under X’s controlling thumb in money matters, and haven’t been paying nearly enough attention to how I spend my money.
  • My sister is still on a downward spiral.  Not much to say about that—actually, there’s a LOT to say about that, but not much that can be said succinctly.  I hope to write more about that later, as well.
  • In happy news, two of the greatest people in the world (and their 8 month old daughter AND their rambunctious Labradoodle) are moving back to the US from the Netherlands this week.  And they’re moving to my city!  In my insanity, I have offered to dog-sit while they are schlepping their belongings from the various locations across the state where they have been stored.  Miss Famous and the Labradoodle do know each other, and Miss Famous was, well, not the best hostess the last time they were together.  I will keep you up-to-date on these two dogs’ shenanigans.  Here’s a couple of pics of Miss Famous’ once and future house-guest:

    Gertie, with her laser-eye beam look

    she's a lot bigger than Miss Famous

    There are no pics of Gertie and Miss Famous together, because, well, yeah.  Hopefully things will be calmer this time around and I can share photographic evidence of their friendship with you.


6 responses to “catching up

  1. I’ve been in a bit of a bloggy fog as of late, too. I have much to say, but then again not much at all. I think it shouldn’t be a chore and should be something we WANT

  2. ummm…not sure what happened there…anyway..we should WANT to blog.

    I hope you have a nice time with your friends and Miss Famous gets along well with Gertie.

  3. I hear you about the finances. I hope things start to look better soon. hope too that the visiting doggy is a hit and not a miss. I remember my dog didn’t really play well with others either.

  4. I have been having a hard time keeping up with my blogging as well. I think it has to do with being busy (away from my computer) over the summer months.

    But I’m still trying to keep up on my writing and reading….and keep up with what’s happening in your world.

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Gertie looks like a dog to be reckoned with – she’s beautiful. They’ll be fine once they have a lovely play date together. Or will Miss Famous be reluctant to share the spotlight -I’ll stay tuned.

  6. LOVE that bearded dog! Gertie is the perfect name.

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