about the dogs…

I went to work today and didn’t have to crawl home after less than two hours because I was exhausted.  In fact, I lasted almost the whole day.

This is progress.

In other news, having appendicitis got me out of dog-sitting Gertie.  She and Miss Famous met (again) on Friday, however, and I think that it was a successful meeting, all in all.  My friends (Gertie’s owners) and I decided that part of their previous issues might have been that they are both so much alike.  The main triggers for conflict we noticed this time were 1) Miss Famous is opposed to an overly enthusiastic “background check” and Gerts is a bit slow on the uptake and 2) Gertie is very protective of “her” baby.  It is fine with my friends if Miss Famous licks that baby all over her face, as she did the first time they came to visit (without the Gertster).  It is not, however, fine with Gertie, and she let this be known.  It was awfully nice to throw them in the backyard when they first arrived and see Miss Famous go nuts running laps around the yard (she’s been a bit under-exercised since I’ve been recovering).

I had a more active day today than I’ve had in almost two weeks, so I am going to sign off now, and go to bed.

Wild times around here, let me tell you.


4 responses to “about the dogs…

  1. Wow. You’re back to work?? Good for you. I was a wimp when I lost my appendix and stayed out like 2 weeks. Glad the dogs seem to be getting along better.

  2. Wow…back to work already…good for you! And, I’m so glad the dogs are getting along.

  3. Sleep tight!!

    Am glad you managed the full day! And happy for Miss Famous and Gertie having caninesolved their issues.:-)

  4. I’m glad to hear you are on your way back.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to take your time recovering.

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