happy July iclw

I remembered that ICLW is this week, and so that’s an improvement over last month.

But I’m really tired and have no creative juices to help me write a post worth reading.  Therefore, I am going to cut and paste last month’s post and adjust it for this month.  Here goes:

So, um, here’s my deal:  Divorce finalized in December, thus officially ending my verbally/emotionally abusive marriage.  Mr. X got remarried last month, and I’m feeling more and more free as time goes by.  While married, I experienced the “joy” that is infertility, which is how I got hooked into the ALI community.

Oh, yeah.  I had an appendectomy two weeks ago, and just returned to work on Monday, which may be part of why I have no creative juices right now.  I’m feeling fine, though, thanks. 🙂

I will also show you a picture of Miss Famous, who at this moment is very tired after a raucous evening playing with my friends’ dog, Gertie.  The dogs were banished to the back yard, until Miss Famous escaped, as she is a bit of an artist in that regard.

While I was recovering, Miss Famous and I did a lot of lying around the house together, which looked something like this:

or this:

But sometimes she would get up and look out the window:

That’s all I’ve got.  Happy ICLW!


23 responses to “happy July iclw

  1. studentrntiffany

    Dog-gone adorable!! I love the pictures!!

    Happy ICLW!!


  2. This is my first ICLW, and yours is the very first comment I’m leaving. Nice to find you. Glad your appendectomy recover is going well.

  3. OMG what an absolutely gorgeous dog! Glad to hear that you’re feeling fine after your op!

    #41 http://themissruby.blogspot.com/

  4. She is adorable! I hope you recover quickly from your surgery!


  5. Here’s to a return of vim, vigor and creative juices. I hope they all hit you soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this part of a cycle.

  6. What a cutie that Miss is! Glad to hear you’re recovering well– hope you’re feeling tip top soon. In the meantime, soak up all that puppy lounging! Happy ICLW.

  7. Wow, THAT’s your NOT posting?! That’s a pretty outstanding post. And your dog is aptly named Miss Famous! She’s so DIVA! Great!

  8. Ok. I just read till December ’09. Girl: you got me hooked! 🙂

    Love your story, and I can relate in so many ways.

    Keep on kicking arse!


  9. O, I loves her! Mr Realist and I have two Heinz 57 variety mutts at our house. I love snuggling with them, especially when I’ve had a long day, and they love to snuggle, especially when they’ve been rolling in the mud!

    I agree…I’m kind of at an impasse right now as well. Here’s to getting everything back up and running!

    Happy ICLW!

  10. Your dog is so stinking cute. Thats how mine help me 🙂

    I hope you are feeling better after your surgery.

    iclw #31

  11. Such cute pictures of Miss Famous. Love the looking out the window pic.

  12. awww, love the pictures of Miss Famous!

  13. Sounds like you are re-charging your batteries for a fabulous new life!! Congrats on losing the X!! And what an adorable dog. Best wishes from ICLW.

  14. Welcome to ICLW.

    Such cute pictures.

    An ICLW Visit from #107 (mfi, speedskating, strength)
    liddy @ the unfair struggle

  15. Miss Famous is adorable!! Sorry to hear about your appendectomy. Glad that you’re getting more and more toward that freeing feeling!!

    Happy ICLW! #16

  16. Glad the surgery went well. Your dog is beauitful!

    Happy ICLW #50

  17. i’m glad you’re up & running after your surgery.
    in the old days they would have kept you in the hospital for a week!
    it’s ok to let the creative juices marinade for a while, and when you have something cooking, you’ll write!
    best to you.

  18. What an adorable puppy!!! Glad to hear your recovery is going well.

    Happy ICLW! #163

  19. Your puppy is so cute, you just want to hug and kiss her.


  20. Hopefully you’ll be back to full strength soon…but for now, rest, relax and recover!

  21. Michelle Buzgon

    I love the mental image of you and Miss Famous lying around the house together. Take care of yourself and, no doubt, the creative juices will start flowing again.

    ICLW #144

  22. Glad you’re feeling better! And Miss famous is just adorable!

    ~Happy ICLW~

  23. So glad to find your blog..THANKS to ICLW…loved the pics!!!

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