I know that things have been pretty boring around here since my appendectomy.  I’ve thought several times about blogging about how I don’t have the energy to blog, but I figured you would get the point if I just didn’t blog, which was what I felt like doing anyway.  Heh.

I feel ok.  Every once in a while I have a twinge in the former-appendix area.  Mostly I’m just sleepy.  My new theory is that my body is just taking a while after being on anesthesia.  I have reason to believe that my body processes pain meds, etc. pretty slowly, so I’m assuming it may be the same for the anesthesia.

Anyway.  This post is boring even me.  Just wanted you to know I’m alive.  I do think about things that would be really good posts, but my foggy brain can’t get much past a thesis sentence.  Alas.

Am trying to keep up on my reading/commenting for my regular bloggy peeps.  I’m having better luck with the reading, frankly.  ICLW was a bit of a joke for me.

OK, I think that’s enough whining for one post.


7 responses to “boring

  1. Glad you are recovering. Just keep taking care of yourself.

    We’ll be here to read when you are ready to write.

  2. Glad you’re still alive…I worry when you don’t blog. I’m looking forward to your energy return and reading some more of your fabulous writing. I’ve missed you!


  3. Glad you’re still with us. Rest as much as you need. 🙂

  4. you are certainly not whining. you are expressing!
    and i agree with you … everyone has a different healing time frame.
    you will be back to yourself soon … give it time and don’t be hard on yourself.
    any kind of surgery like that is traumatic on the body.

  5. Glad to hear you’re still there and doing ok. Even an appendectomy is still a surgery which is a trauma of sorts to your body. It needs time to recover. Let yourself sleep when you need it if you can.

  6. rosesdaughter

    Glad you’re alive and well. Stop being so hard on yourself!

  7. Glad that you are doing OK. Yep, we all have our ‘paces’…maybe your bod is processing the anaesthesia in its own way!

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