I hope the fact that I’m actually posting doesn’t give anyone a heart attack.

I have felt a lot more like myself the last few days, and have been overwhelmed only by the number of potential posts floating around my head.  It got to where it felt like there was so much riding on the first thing I would write, that I became a bit daunted by the task.  I decided just to start writing and leave the ponderings for another day.

Today is my first day of vacation.  The way vacation time works at my job, I have to use all my time for the year by the end of August, and preferably by the middle of August (we follow the school calendar, so our year begins in August/September).  I thought I had fewer sick days than I actually did and thought I’d only be able to take 9 days off instead of 10.  So I worked yesterday, and discovered while doing my timesheet for July that I actually had enough sick days to cover my appendectomy recovery and should have been off yesterday.  Sigh.  I’ll now be off an extra day on the end, which is nice.

I have no big plans for my time off.  I’ll go see my younger sister and her progeny for a couple of days.  They live about five hours away.  Other than that, I am looking forward to having time off when I have a clear head and an increasing energy level.

In the meantime, any questions?  Anything you’d like to know about me?


4 responses to “ahhhhh…

  1. glad you are feeling more like yourself!!! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. How ARE you? In all senses of the word. I’ve missed your posts. I’m glad you’re recovering and that you’ve got even more time to spend without work! Can’t wait to read what you’ve been saving up for us.


  3. Can’t think of any questions, just glad to know that you’re doing ok. Enjoy the time off!

  4. Yay for vacations!! I’m taking one next week. Not going anywhere as I have a puppy to potty train. Hope you have a good time at your sisters and enjoy all your days off.

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