famous friday: famously tolerant

Miss Famous has had a very busy week.

Last Friday night, my 12 year old niece, aka The Whirlwind, came to visit for the weekend.  Miss Famous LURVES her.

On Sunday, the Whirlwind’s 3 year old brother joined my parents to come pick her up.  Miss Famous tolerates my nephew.  I think she loves him, just more when he’s occupied with things other than bestowing affection on her.  But she puts up with it.
(If you could see her eyes in this photo, they would be staring at you beseechingly.  Oh, and, um, forgive the elementary paint job.)

Then, on Monday La Famosa and I drove a few hours to my younger sister’s house, home of my other three nieces, who believed the visit was all about their getting to play with their new babydoll Miss Famous.Supposedly, this shot is of Miss Famous in her “pajamas,” but I think she looks more like an 80s aerobics instructor:Well, all of the visiting is over, so her Famousness is free to loll around the couch, cuddling with her squeaky toys:


8 responses to “famous friday: famously tolerant

  1. She is so sweet. Don’t you want to bring her to visit?

  2. I love the elementary paint job! And she looks like she had so much fun!

  3. Poor Miss Famous! She deserves hazard pay after dealing with that crowd! How fun!

  4. LOL! that is so cute. I love the picture of her in her get-up and the two kids. She looks embarrassed! 🙂 She is such a cutie.

  5. Awww poor Miss Famous! She is so loved. She’s such a sweet dog though.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

  6. Miss Famous is a great sport.

    I remember when I was in elementary school how we would dress our dog up in clothes, swimsuits, etc.

    Too funny!

  7. She has such a sweet nature for putting up with all that – bless her little furry soul. I used to dress up my old dog, Sampson, poor thing, but he tolerated it as well.

  8. Such a sweetie.
    Last week there was a child here for about an hour and she wanted to bad to play with Bailey. Bailey wanted to bad to hide from her. You should have seen the looks Bailey was giving me.

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