my thing

There are a number of things I could post about right now.  Scratch that…there are a number of things I would like to post about right now, however, my emotions have gotten the best of me for the second time this weekend and I don’t think I can post about much except this.

Stuff with my sister is not going so well (welcome to the understatement part of the post).  We are to the point of hoping that she’ll get involved somehow with law enforcement so that she can get some help for this bipolar “episode.”  And by “help” I mean “checking into the hospital so they can regulate her meds.”


Her kids are ok (in case you were wondering).  My parents have custody of her daughter (for about 10 years now) so she’s with them as usual, and her son is with his dad, who has separated from her for the time being, but is hoping she gets some help.  As do we all.

Have you ever had one of those things that you wanted so bad to be one way, but it wasn’t, it was another way instead?

Dumb question.  We all have, I know.  This is my thing right now that I want to be different than it is.  This is my thing that I can’t change.


7 responses to “my thing

  1. Oh yes. This weekend as a matter of fact.
    I hope your sister is able to get the help she needs somehow.

  2. I hope your sister gets the help she needs sooner rather than later. I am so sorry you are suffering for her.

  3. Not a dumb question at all…and I wonder about however different we may be, there is always this sore point that everybody has.

    I hope your sister gets the help that she needs.

  4. I’m sorry; this stinks. I’m hoping that your sister will be able to get help soon.

  5. I hope your sister is able (and willing) to get some help soon.

    It’s a blessing that she has a supportive system around her, taking care of her and loving her during this tough time.

  6. So sorry about your sister. My family has the same issue with my brother (schizophrenic rather than bipolar) but medication is still the problem. While they are under care, they take their meds because they have to. When they get out, they quit. It’s a cycle that we’ve been through many, many times unfortunately.

  7. I hope your sister is able to get some help soon.

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