iclw september: 3000 years of beautiful tradition

Welcome one and all.  (Any questions about ICLW can be answered if you click the link under the red icon in the right-hand column.)

I’ve been in a blogging valley of late.  I haven’t been posting as often, and when I have, well, they’ve kind of been downers.  I actually don’t feel like I’m in a slump in life,  but that seems to be all that I blog about.

I would like to perk up the place–have more Perfect Moment Mondays, more Famous Fridays, more posting in general.  A lofty goal, I think, but a worthy one. 🙂

I will give you a few random facts about me, and then I would LERV it if you asked me something in the comments.  I will answer your questions in a future post (and possibly in an email to you—just don’t hold your breath on the email).

  • I’m a social worker.  I work for a school-based non-profit with high-need families.
  • I’ve been around the infertility block, back when I was married to Mr. X.  All of that “family building” business is on hold.
  • I have 4 nieces, one nephew, and one more on the way gender TBD (we’ll know in a couple of weeks).
  • I get to meet Lavender Luz this week.  How jealous are you?
  • I have the cutest dog in the world.  Her blog-name is Miss Famous.  Here she is in her usual position: This is her in her other usual position:
  • I am a Jew-by-choice.  I converted before marrying the infamous Mr. X.  Yes, I’m still Jewish even though we are no longer together.  For an explanation on that, I bring you the Dude and Walter (if you are, um, sensitive to “strong language” you may want to skip this clip from The Big Lebowski):

OK, your turn—whatcha wanna know?


11 responses to “iclw september: 3000 years of beautiful tradition

  1. What are some of your favorite foods? Along those lines, what is your favorite Jewish food?

  2. I have been away WAY too long! I’m so sorry about your friend passing away. My thoughts and prayers are going out to her friends and family.

    I have a question for you! Is it ever difficult for you to separate your emotions with your job? I ran a homeless shelter once and I found it very tough not get too emotionally involved in the residents issues.

    Thanks for all of your support lately! You mean so much to me!

  3. No no no no no. *I* am the one who is the focus of jealousy this week, because *I* get to meet YOU.

    I am eager to chat with you about your work. And lots and lots of other stuff.


  4. Your dog is adorable! I have a black lab and he started off nice and little like that and now is a great big 45kg lump! Love him though (except when I wake up and he’s snuck on the bed in the night and I can’t move – then, not so much!) As a newcomer to your blog I’d like to know a little more about your background and infertility journey (in brief!) Happy ICLW!


  5. Aw your doggy is super cute – lover her eyes!


    What smell always brings you back to your childhood?
    What is your favorite feature about yourself?
    When did you meet your best friend?

  6. Happy ICLW from #90! I am amazed at the fact that you have agorgeous BLACK dog and what appears to be a lot of light colored bedding and furniture. LOL. Beautiful puppy! And yes, I am excited you are meeting Lavender!!!

  7. I have always found that I blog more when I’m down – its like I need it more at those times. Hoping you can find the light soon 🙂

  8. My question is more along the lines of what Beautiful Mess asked:

    “Is it ever difficult for you to separate your emotions with your job?”

    I work as a volunteer for an organisation against domestic violence. Being a survivor myself I am naturally involved already. So I’m glad this is not my every day job, as this wouldn’t allow me to take a break if something goes under my skin too much. (Which happens quite regularly).

    Miss Famous ist just too darn cute. Makes one want to jump on the bed and cuddle her… 🙂

  9. here from ICLW!!

    I find the Jewish culture very fascinating. My brother has just married a Jewish girl, my family wanting to welcome her into the family have started to learn about the culture so we can include it in our own!!

    Happy ICLW

  10. Your pup is still adorable and I still think you’re wonderful for getting away from Mr. X.


  11. I am spectacularly late coz I just read the intro you wrote for September ICLW…but still, since I read it, I thought I must let you know, I loved it.


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