well, at least it’s quiet

So, the cat is out of the bag, and my housemate knows she’ll have to move out by November 1st.

Let’s back up.  I live in my friend, um, “Nanette’s” house.  Nanette works away from home for months at a time.  She’s had this housemate for quite a while, but her bedroom would sit empty for extended periods of time.  Last year, when I needed a cheap place to stay, she let me move in to her bedroom.  It’s all worked out pretty well, and I figured that when she would be back home, I would move out and find a place of my own.  Well, in January, Nanette broached the subject with me, asking me if I would like to stay in the house if she came back and had housemate move out.

I’ve been peripherally nervous since January about housemate’s response when she would find out.  Well, Nanette told her last Thursday.  She’s pissed, apparently.  At me, apparently.  I am, ladies and gentlemen, getting the silent treatment.  As in, no response when I say hello.  She’s been spending a lot of time out of the house or in her room with the door closed.

It may be a long month, but it should be a quiet one.


5 responses to “well, at least it’s quiet

  1. Oh, dear. It’s rough to be on the receiving end of something you really didn’t earn.

    On the other hand, silence has its charm :-).

  2. Ah yes, the silent treatment. Makes for a tense household but I suppose it’s better than yelling. Hope the month passes somewhat quickly and with minimal drama.

  3. Eww, how awkward, but so not your fault and it was not your decision. She must feel as if she has to be mad at someone and you happen to live there. However, she’ll get over it, I just hope she’s not one of those spiteful people.

  4. Ugh, roommates. I hope the parting is swift & uneventful.

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