lightbulb moment

It’s my thyroid, I’m sure of it.

The exhaustion that never seems to end, except for the couple of hours after the naps I apparently need on a daily basis (but don’t get them that often, sadly), the…

Well, it’s mainly the exhaustion.  I was thinking my depression meds needed tweaking, but now that I am paying more attention (something I’m not always that good at), I’m noticing that emotionally I’m ok (except for the frustration over not having any energy).  I’m just so dang tired all the time.

I’ve had hypothyroidism for years and things were normal when they checked my blood in May, but May and October are not next-door neighbors and I’m pretty sure that things have gone downhill in the thyroid hormone department.  Right now I’m waiting on the lab results so that my doctor will increase my medication and that should do the trick.

I just really want to go to sleep in the meantime.


6 responses to “lightbulb moment

  1. Hope that’s the cause and that things are very soon improving dramatically. I hate being so exhausted like that.

  2. I just ran into a girl yesterday who had the same problem. I hope you find the answer soon!

  3. Hope you get things straightened out soon. {{{Hugs}}}

  4. Go to sleep right now!
    I hope you can kick out the hypothyroidism right in its eye…constant sense of malaise is not good.

  5. I was once told that thyroid results can come back normal several times before you finally see an abnormal result too. I think it’s smart to go in and monitor it — you know your body the best.

  6. I hope the test results come out in your favor. I’ve never had any problems with my thyroid, that I’m aware of anyway, but I’ve hear it can wreak havoc on your system. Good luck, hon!

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