At the moment I am sitting in my room, Miss Famous on a leash.  My friend, “Nanette,” who owns the house I live in, just blew into town for the weekend after a three week job in Sin City.  (Do they still call Vegas that?)   She’s arranging her things in the bedroom that my former, crankypants housemate used to occupy.  She’s hired a housecleaning service (she had a Groupon), and there are two hardworking young women here right now, also.  Miss Famous is on a leash because New! People! Are! Very! Exciting!

I thought Nanette would be back permanently* by now, but she’s taken another temporary job, also in Sin City, and so that won’t be until the end of January.  She made this quick trip home to make sure the house was in order after Crankypants moved out.  So after tomorrow, I’ll be holding down the fort by my lonesome.

The whole time I lived with former housemate, I pretty much camped out in my bedroom most of the time.  Now that I actually have full use of the closet space (Nanette’s things were taking up about half of the storage area before) it feels even nicer to me to be there. Of course, now I’ve got the entire house at my disposal (and don’t live with someone around whom I’m at least a tad uncomfortable), and I’ve been trying to branch out.  I’m trying to get used to sitting in the living room.  Part of it is my room just feels cozier to me, and part of it is just habit.  I’ve even started to leave my purse in the living room, by the front door.  Normal thing, yes, but until lately I pretty much contained myself and all of my belongings to the bedroom.

My room, no longer with Nanette's things.

I am also trying to branch out when outside the house, as well.  Well, actually, just getting outside of the house is pretty much branching out for me.  I get very comfortable and cozy in my familiar spaces and have a hard time reaching into new situations.  I tend to go to the same stores places to eat over and over and over again.  I’m feeling stronger and happier, but still pretty happy to keep to my familiar routines.

Here’s to branching out.

Miss Famous, who definitely is NOT into branching out at the moment

*”Permanently” for Nanette means “for several weeks until she gets antsy/and or a job offer that sounds tempting.”


4 responses to “cozy

  1. I love the idea of you spreading your brand of calm and insight into even more spaces, inside and outside your home.


  2. Eh ha! Time to enjoy the spaces…old and new!

  3. Well, doesn’t Miss Famous look cozy? lol Glad you are enjoying your space at last!

  4. Glad you are branching out — inside and out.

    Love it!

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