deja vu

I went to the emergency room Tuesday night (Wednesday morning, really) for severe abdominal pain.  The cure?  Emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder.  This appears to be my year for ridding myself of unnecessary organs. The surgery appears to have gone well, I have some pain but am managing.  I am currently camped out at my parents’ house where people are available to walk Miss Famous and make sure I eat.

I’m thinking of a couple of people going through painful situations right now (and I know there are many, many more out there).  Giving a blanket Merry Christmas!!!! seems somewhat inappropriate in light of that.  I hope for all of you, Christmas celebrators or not, to have some peace in your life and hope for the year to come.

7 responses to “deja vu

  1. Thank you for the kind thoughts. I don’t really feel I deserve them, given that I’ve been such a bad bloggy friend, wrapped up in my own head for so long and not commenting nearly as much as I should.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a full and speedy recovery.


  2. Hoping that your body doesn’t decide to rid itself of any more organs or anything. Hope too that you’re healing well. Merry Christmas!

  3. Damn sweetie, you’ve certainly been through the wringer this season, haven’t you? I hope everyone has a blessed New Year!

  4. Glad for family back-up in such situations. Yet I hope for no more riddance-surgeries for you…

    I did read your surgery news on Facebook.

    Heal well!

  5. Hope you are feeling much better now. So sorry your gall-bladder decided to bail on you. Best wishes for rapid healing.

    Thank you for the mention and the good wishes.

  6. Ugh — two emergency surgeries in one year is more than enough for anyone. My dad also had a gallbladder attack one year just after Christmas (& had it removed shortly afterward). I think all the rich foods we eat at this time of year aggravates it. Rest up & feel better soon!

  7. Geez… I reckon there’s luckily not many more “unneccessary organs” to be removed from now on. So at least you might be able to relax a bit. May there be no more removals – ever.

    Get well soon & let yourself be pampered.

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