the cakes of birthdays past

In my family, there may not be a lot of birthday presents, but there is always cake.  Note the evidence:

The famous doll cake...

...and there she is again.

After my niece was born, we started celebrating together.

And sometimes, I even got to eat it. 🙂


7 responses to “the cakes of birthdays past

  1. Happy Happy Birthday and I remember cakes like the doll one.

  2. Happy happy birthday to you both!

    (Or should I say all 3 of you? — does the doll age?)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday – I have to just say that I love cake! Plain old white cake with vanilla frosting!

  4. Lol. Happy Birthday to both of you. Hope the cake today was great!

  5. Oh I always loved those doll cakes! So neat.

  6. I’m sooooooooo late, but Happy Birthday!!!!

  7. Here from the ICLW…those doll cakes are fantastic! I’ve only ever seen the really awful ones on the Cake Wrecks blog. Happy Belated Birthday 🙂

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