ICLW January (aka better late than never)

I am venturing back into the ICLW waters this month.  (If you’re unfamiliar with ICLW, follow the link to find an explanation.)  I return to ICLW, somewhat chastened by my own procrastination.  The last time I participated was in September and I asked readers for questions that I planned to answer that same week.  Ahem.  Well, it is now four months later, and I am finally getting around to answering your questions.

My most sincere apologies.  Here’s to forgiveness!

Jendeis asked:  What are some of your favorite foods? Along those lines, what is your favorite Jewish food?

Favorite Jewish food is pretty easy:  matzoh ball soup.  Mmmmmm, I love me some matzoh balls.

Favorite foods in general:  most rice dishes (I think I could live on rice), fried chicken (though it doesn’t always like me), the list is really too long.

Both Beautiful Mess and My Sky Times asked:  Is it ever difficult for you to separate your emotions with your job [as a social worker]?


I’d like to answer this more fully in a post of its own, but in short, yes, sometimes I have a really hard time with the emotions that my job brings up in me.

Haidee asked:  As a newcomer to your blog I’d like to know a little more about your background and infertility journey (in brief!)

In brief, back when I was married, we struggled with my PCOS a bit, and hit a brick wall with his extremely bad sperm morphology (size and shape).  We started looking into IVF and discovered I had a fibroid that would have to be removed surgically.  While fighting with the insurance company over the surgery, Mr. X made a career decision (that he would not renew his contract the following year), so we decided to put off treatments until we had moved.  This all occurred during the spiraling down of our marriage, and we split up about a year after the IVF consultation.  The story of the breakup is not very brief (involves my taking off the blinders and realizing that he was emotionally abusive) but if you’re interested you can read more about it in the tab above  (The Great Escape).

Tarah asked:  What smell always brings you back to your childhood?
What is your favorite feature about yourself?
When did you meet your best friend?

The smell one is hard to put into words.  It’s the smell of the air outside my parents’ house, particularly in the morning.  They live a bit out in the country and the air smells very fresh there.  There are cedars and live oak trees, but I couldn’t put my finger on what the elements of the smell are.

My favorite feature about myself…it probably says a lot that this is very difficult for me to answer.  I like how I see things in a deep way, that I see the patterns beneath the surface.

When I hear the phrase “my best friend” I think of my oldest friend, whom I met in fourth grade at school.  I have a few who would probably share the status of “best” these days, though.  There’s my oldest friend, in a state far away, the Domestic Wonder Woman, who lives here in my city—we met in grad school, and “Cherry” who also lives in a state far away—she was a classmate of Mr. X.

And, well, no ICLW introduction post would be complete without a pic of Miss Famous to brighten your day.

looks like the niece was helping Miss Famous hide


8 responses to “ICLW January (aka better late than never)

  1. Hi, I am visiting from Icomleavwe… Your dog is beautiful!

  2. Great questions and answers my friend. I always learn something new with posts like this.

    As always, Miss Famous is looking awfully cute.

  3. Ahh, what a great shot of Miss Famous!

  4. Here from ICLW and always love discovering new blogs with cute dogs. 🙂 I liked your Q&A and look forward to catching up on your journey!

  5. You know, I’ve never tried matzo ball soup, but I would love to try it.

    Even though I read you faithfully, I like learning more about you!

  6. I love that it took you so long to respond. It makes you feel like a kindred spirit!

    I wandered over from ICLW.

  7. I just love me some Miss Famous!

  8. That dog is seriously photogenic. ; )

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