This whole weekend has been under the cloud of the heartbreaking news I learned of yesterday: fellow ALI blogger Wiseguy lost her dear, newly born Lola After years of struggling with infertility, Wiseguy is no stranger to pain and loss.  This one was a punch in the gut to me, someone who has never met Wiseguy in person, has never heard her voice, and knows her “only” on the internet.  I was so excited for her about this pregnancy and was eagerly awaiting the birth to see if little one would be Lola or Kaiser.  I can’t stop thinking about my friend, who has been a strong voice of support to me through my last couple of years of struggle.  I wish there were words.

3 responses to “Lola

  1. I too have been reading Wiseguy’s blog for a long while since I was TTC. i was heartbroken about Lola too. 😦

  2. It’s so so so sad. It just breaks my heart. I am so overwhelmed with the whole situation but I am also proud to be part of a community that is sending her and Lola so much love.

  3. though I don’t know Wiseguy I know how you feel. I haven’t met any of my ALI friends in real life, but their ups & downs, happiness & struggles are so very real to me. I feel like any or all their experiences could be my own. So sorry for your friend and hope one day it gets easier for us all.
    ICLW #109

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