famous friday: snow day

Miss Famous and I live in a place where 1/2 inch of snow is a major news event. This is not to Miss Famous’ liking. She LERVS the snow. Today she finally got to play in it again for the first time in quite a while.

I had a difficult time getting any good shots of her because, well, take a look:

I did get a nice shot of her paw prints, however. 🙂

On a different note, I know that posting has been really light around here. All is well. Through most of January, I was getting my energy back after my surgery. This week, I’ve been getting over the Cold That Will Not Die. And, to be honest, just about all of my free time has been taken up for a crafty project that I will tell you about another time. Seriously, it’s bordering on obsessive.

I just let Miss Famous back out into the snowy backyard because she was begging me. And by begging me, I mean, looking at me with THOSE eyes. Yeesh. I’m such a sucker.


2 responses to “famous friday: snow day

  1. Those eyes will get you every time. Sadie always loved the snow too. Me after the first snow of the season got yucky I was done with it. The exception for her was when it got deep enough that going out to potty became a problem. That low rider dog thing.
    I hope your cold improves soon. Hugs to you!

  2. Crafty projects sound good.

    I love the shot of the paw prints. Even though they’re static, they contain so much visual energy.

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