famous friday: burrowing

When I leave for work in the mornings, my bed looks something like this:

It used to look pretty much the same when I returned, but lately, the pillows have been, well, askew.

I finally figured out what was going on.  Seems like little Miss Famousness has been making herself a good spot to snuggle:

I have actually observed her knocking down the decorative pillows and laying down and making a pillow/doggy sandwich of sorts.

She has even stuck herself in the middle of the pillows when I’m sitting on the bed leaning back against them:

Have a good weekend from both of us.  No doubt, Miss Famous will be making herself comfortable.


9 responses to “famous friday: burrowing

  1. I’m telling you, I totally love your dog – I wish her and Juno could hang out.

  2. I love her attempt at hiding under the pillows. ; )

  3. She looks SO absolutely COZY!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. awww! she misses you while you are gone!!

  5. How cute is that. My cats burrow, under blankets pillows etc. Sadie used to go around the house and gather up one of each of my pairs of shoes. She’d pile them all up in the dog bed and sleep on them.

  6. Shefa looks so cozy there…well if pillows go askew, let them be!

    I read your previous post. I read about your craft project, and what you thought of and all.

    I will tell you what happens.

    I somehow (and very painfully) realized is that in the whole childbirth, and get-stuff-for-baby and plan-it-out, the most important thing is that the baby come home healthy and happy.

    I bought last minute stuff. I bought Lola her toy in 2008. I got my brother to bring a comb for her in Dec 2010. My aunt made a quilt for my baby.

    Everything is there, except the baby. My aunt (who I met recently) did not bring the quilt. I have not seen it. One way, I am glad she did not. Other way, I want to see it.

    Had Lola been here, I would not have had to play peek-a-boo with the stuff I had and others had for her.

  7. Sorry, my grammar is stinking.

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