checking in

I am currently visiting a friend who is in the process of moving.  Most of the time, my only internet connection will be on my phone.  I wanted to shock everybody and post once more, just so you know I haven’t disappeared into the wild blue yonder yet again.

Miss Famous is playing happily at one of those places that they treat the dogs like children (and charge almost as much).  I have no doubt she is having a grand time with all the new friends to sniff (both human and canine).

I am hoping to be working on some post ideas, though I’ll have to work on them in my handwritten journal for now, as I don’t have the patience to put a whole post up with my phone.

Be back soon!


3 responses to “checking in

  1. At present you’re doing better than I am. I haven’t managed a post in so very long.

  2. I hope your friend’s move goes smoothly and I hope Miss Famous has a wonderful time.

  3. Hola, La Famosa!

    I’ll be eager for your return.


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