late arrival

I saw Baby Smiling‘s post about Calliope‘s summer camp idea a couple of days ago.  I was in the middle of an out-of-state trip (more on that later), but really wanted to sign up.  I saw that it was to start July 1 (yesterday) and I thought, no problem, I’ll sign up and post after I get home.

Well, that didn’t happen, thanks to an unexpected dinner date with my dad (mom is out of town and I think he’s a bit bored).  So I’m arriving late to camp.

Today’s (yesterday’s, rather) prompt:  Day 1– Provide a photo or sketch or dramatic rendering of the space where you normally blog

This is an old photo, from when I first moved in.  The art on the wall isn’t mine, nor is the white table at the end of the bed and neither is in the room anymore, but the chair is still here, and it’s my favorite place to hang out.

I also sit on the bed and blog sometimes:

My bedroom is my favorite place in the house.  The rest of the house is furnished with my roomate/landlady’s stuff.  If you don’t know (or don’t remember), I live in my friend “Nanette’s” house.  She is currently (and usually) working in another state as a production manager for a big entertainment company.  She gets a house-sitter, I get a nice place to live, and I usually have no roommate (which is a plus for me).  Anyway, my room is the only part of the house that has my stuff in it, and it seems to be where I usually hang out, even when it’s just Miss Famous and me.

Speaking of, for those of you who are jonesing for more of her Famousness, here she is yesterday, after I picked her up from her doggy hotel:If you can’t tell, they really wore her out.

I’m hoping, hoping, hoping to post again soon.  Until then– Read more: 31 Days of Blog Juice at Creating Motherhood


6 responses to “late arrival

  1. Roses daughter

    Hey!!! I was just thinking to myself : where is she??? And here you are! Hope your trip was nice!

  2. Oooh, that chair looks so comfy. I love it. Ms. Famous as always is adorable.

  3. Yay…glad you joined in. Love the picture of your fluffy dog too.

  4. Welcome to summer camp. I hope this will help you break out of your writer’s block. And love the photos of the dog – very cute!

  5. Totally missed you, Miss Famous!!!!

  6. Glad that you could join us! Miss F is looking lovely of course.

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