Monthly Archives: August 2011

radio silence again, apparently

It feels like just last week that I put up my last post, but apparently it has been more than a month.  Yeesh.

Back before blogging, I used to journal.  (I still do, sometimes, though blogging often takes that space.)  Looking back over my old journals, I definitely had times when I wrote more often, and then months would go by and I wouldn’t write a thing.  Seems like the same thing is happening here.

I’ve wondered if I should just shut the whole thing down, because, really, who am I kidding?  I don’t really want to do that, though.  I like having this space when I need it.

Part of the not blogging so much may be because I often feel like I don’t have much new to say.  Part of the not blogging may be because if I wrote it down, I’d actually have to deal with it.

I am doing well.  I can see definite progress in myself in many ways, and in many ways I despair that progress is so slow in coming.  And I get tired of saying that over and over, so I just don’t.

Let’s make a deal:  I’ll blog when the muse strikes, I’ll try not to avoid blogging in order to avoid my feelings, and you continue to not give me a guilt trip about it (you’ve been really great about that, by the way).