dipping my toes back in the water

I thought about blogging today.

That is, I started forming a post in my mind, which is something that hasn’t happened for several months.

Now, of course, I don’t remember that practice-post, other than I think it was something about my upcoming 35th birthday, which is a big one for any woman who would like to have children.

So that post may come back later, but for now, I’m contemplating St. Elsewhere’s question, which she posted, um, elsewhere:

Are you happy to leave this year behind or more excited at the prospect of the oncoming year?

I am mostly happy at the prospect of the coming year.  2011 remains in a fog for me.  Not much happened, neither within nor without.  I am feeling happy and ready to move forward, to shake things up.

Maybe I’ll even blog about it.


4 responses to “dipping my toes back in the water

  1. Yay, my friend is back blogging. I discovered this past month that the more I write, the more I want to write. Jump back in with both feet hon.

  2. I think I’m mostly happy to see 2012 too. 2011 wasn’t really bad, except for the loss of two of my fur babies at the beginning of the year but I look forward to what may happen next.

  3. Welcome back, QD!

    Hope to see you posting more this year…and I hope for exciting (good ones, okay) changes in your life….

    January 6th is not too far off, is it?

  4. Ive missed you! Come back!

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