last day

It’s the last day of my winter break (aka “Christmas Break”).  I had just shy of two weeks (I know, I know–totally unfair, but one of the few perks the job offers, as the pay certainly isn’t great).

Not exactly excited about going back to work tomorrow, but not dreading it either.  Which is what two weeks doing cross-stitch and listening to podcasts can do for you.  Or, rather, that’s what it can do for me.  You should try it sometime.  Very restful.

There was some time with family, but not enough to make me crazy.  More time with the oldest niece than with anyone else (she came to visit for 3 days), which was great.

I am rather enjoying this season.  Some folks call it winter, but here it’s mostly just the “not hot season.”  We get a few days of actual winter, but mostly it’s what a friend calls “Texas-cold,” which would make those of you in more northern climes scoff.  Lots of sunshine and decent temps almost makes one forget the hottest summer on record that we endured in 2011.

Miss Famous loves the not-hot season.  She will not love my return to work, however, as she will no longer have her human at her beck and call and won’t be able to go in the backyard any time she chooses.

Today, however, she is blissfully ignorant.(Please ignore the un-raked leaves.  The cute dog is the only item worthy of note in this image.)


6 responses to “last day

  1. La Famosa is as adorable as ever. I am back to work today myself, after 17 consecutive days off, when you include vacation days, stat holidays & weekends. Boo, hiss. Hope tomorrow treats you well.

  2. I hate it when vacations end! However I’m in the midst of a 4 night off stretch and I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. Strange I know.

  3. I was smiling at “There was some time with family, but not enough to make me crazy. ” How subtly put! Ha Ha Ha

    Glad you had a restful vacation.

    Unraked leaves? Where? Miss Famous looks cozy and adorable as always…

  4. Hope you had a great first day back at work! I hate it when vacation ends….makes me feel so sad and leaving our pup behind at home while I go to work is the pits! Miss Famous is, as always, darned adorable!

  5. Poke Poke Lady!

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