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famous friday: burrowing

When I leave for work in the mornings, my bed looks something like this:

It used to look pretty much the same when I returned, but lately, the pillows have been, well, askew.

I finally figured out what was going on.  Seems like little Miss Famousness has been making herself a good spot to snuggle:

I have actually observed her knocking down the decorative pillows and laying down and making a pillow/doggy sandwich of sorts.

She has even stuck herself in the middle of the pillows when I’m sitting on the bed leaning back against them:

Have a good weekend from both of us.  No doubt, Miss Famous will be making herself comfortable.


famous friday: snow day

Miss Famous and I live in a place where 1/2 inch of snow is a major news event. This is not to Miss Famous’ liking. She LERVS the snow. Today she finally got to play in it again for the first time in quite a while.

I had a difficult time getting any good shots of her because, well, take a look:

I did get a nice shot of her paw prints, however. 🙂

On a different note, I know that posting has been really light around here. All is well. Through most of January, I was getting my energy back after my surgery. This week, I’ve been getting over the Cold That Will Not Die. And, to be honest, just about all of my free time has been taken up for a crafty project that I will tell you about another time. Seriously, it’s bordering on obsessive.

I just let Miss Famous back out into the snowy backyard because she was begging me. And by begging me, I mean, looking at me with THOSE eyes. Yeesh. I’m such a sucker.

famous friday: makin’ a mess

Miss Famous can ignore her basket of toys for weeks, somewhat like this:

Miss Famous, ignoring her basket of toys

Then, suddenly, with no apparent explanation, she will take out half her toys just to hear them squeak.  And no, I did not stage this photo.  Except the dog.  I staged the dog, if by staging you mean telling her to sit/stay.

she likes it squeaky

Have a good weekend from the Famous house!

famous friday: famously tolerant

Miss Famous has had a very busy week.

Last Friday night, my 12 year old niece, aka The Whirlwind, came to visit for the weekend.  Miss Famous LURVES her.

On Sunday, the Whirlwind’s 3 year old brother joined my parents to come pick her up.  Miss Famous tolerates my nephew.  I think she loves him, just more when he’s occupied with things other than bestowing affection on her.  But she puts up with it.
(If you could see her eyes in this photo, they would be staring at you beseechingly.  Oh, and, um, forgive the elementary paint job.)

Then, on Monday La Famosa and I drove a few hours to my younger sister’s house, home of my other three nieces, who believed the visit was all about their getting to play with their new babydoll Miss Famous.Supposedly, this shot is of Miss Famous in her “pajamas,” but I think she looks more like an 80s aerobics instructor:Well, all of the visiting is over, so her Famousness is free to loll around the couch, cuddling with her squeaky toys:

famous friday: finally!

(ICLW post is down yonder. Or see the “About Me” tab.  Welcome!)

Yes, Miss Famous has decided to grace us with her presence again and participate anew in the long and venerated internet tradition of Friday Dog Blogging.

I have been trying for a while to catch her in the act of excitement.  I’ve wanted to get her on video jumping around, so you could see just a little slice of her exuberance.  The problem has been that I’ll notice that she’s jumping/running around (usually after a walk), I’ll think, “Oh!  I want to record this!”  I then find the camera, get it ready, and try to make a video…of course by that time, she’s calmed back down and so I end up with something like this:

or this:

This week, however, I did it! This is Miss Famous doing her routine where she jumps from one couch to another, back and forth and back and forth.  Enjoy!

famous friday: you can’t see me

Ever had a day when you just feel like sticking your head under the dust ruffle and pretending no one can see you?

Miss Famous has them a lot.

Either that or she just hates my taste in music.

famous friday: breaking the hiatus

Yes, Miss Famous knows she has been absent for quite a while, and for this she apologizes.  Something about no time due to taking care of her crazy owner, I don’t really know what that means.

Anyhow, La Famosa and I will be going to see the family this weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  My sis who lives farther away will be coming with her three girls, and the niece and nephew who live close by will, of course, be there, also.  Miss Famous doesn’t actually know yet that we’ll be making this trip, though if she did, her reaction would be something like EXCITED, EXCITED, Excited, excited, less excited, not excited, oh yeah those kids never leave me alone.  That is, if she could really reason through it in that way.  At any rate, that’s pretty much how she responds when we see them.  Super excited at first, winding down into tolerating them (especially my nephew, who is quite the bruiser).  On that note, I bring you photographic evidence of her not-as-excited phase of being with my little people.  (Things are too crazy when she’s in the excited phase to think about taking pictures.)

She has had a haircut since these photos, so my first thought upon seeing them was, “Wow, she’s furry!”  She’s back to her sleek summer self at the moment: