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last day

It’s the last day of my winter break (aka “Christmas Break”).  I had just shy of two weeks (I know, I know–totally unfair, but one of the few perks the job offers, as the pay certainly isn’t great).

Not exactly excited about going back to work tomorrow, but not dreading it either.  Which is what two weeks doing cross-stitch and listening to podcasts can do for you.  Or, rather, that’s what it can do for me.  You should try it sometime.  Very restful.

There was some time with family, but not enough to make me crazy.  More time with the oldest niece than with anyone else (she came to visit for 3 days), which was great.

I am rather enjoying this season.  Some folks call it winter, but here it’s mostly just the “not hot season.”  We get a few days of actual winter, but mostly it’s what a friend calls “Texas-cold,” which would make those of you in more northern climes scoff.  Lots of sunshine and decent temps almost makes one forget the hottest summer on record that we endured in 2011.

Miss Famous loves the not-hot season.  She will not love my return to work, however, as she will no longer have her human at her beck and call and won’t be able to go in the backyard any time she chooses.

Today, however, she is blissfully ignorant.(Please ignore the un-raked leaves.  The cute dog is the only item worthy of note in this image.)


famous friday: burrowing

When I leave for work in the mornings, my bed looks something like this:

It used to look pretty much the same when I returned, but lately, the pillows have been, well, askew.

I finally figured out what was going on.  Seems like little Miss Famousness has been making herself a good spot to snuggle:

I have actually observed her knocking down the decorative pillows and laying down and making a pillow/doggy sandwich of sorts.

She has even stuck herself in the middle of the pillows when I’m sitting on the bed leaning back against them:

Have a good weekend from both of us.  No doubt, Miss Famous will be making herself comfortable.

famous friday: snow day

Miss Famous and I live in a place where 1/2 inch of snow is a major news event. This is not to Miss Famous’ liking. She LERVS the snow. Today she finally got to play in it again for the first time in quite a while.

I had a difficult time getting any good shots of her because, well, take a look:

I did get a nice shot of her paw prints, however. 🙂

On a different note, I know that posting has been really light around here. All is well. Through most of January, I was getting my energy back after my surgery. This week, I’ve been getting over the Cold That Will Not Die. And, to be honest, just about all of my free time has been taken up for a crafty project that I will tell you about another time. Seriously, it’s bordering on obsessive.

I just let Miss Famous back out into the snowy backyard because she was begging me. And by begging me, I mean, looking at me with THOSE eyes. Yeesh. I’m such a sucker.


It’s cold here today, but Miss Famous is soaking up all the sunshine she can:

famous friday: makin’ a mess

Miss Famous can ignore her basket of toys for weeks, somewhat like this:

Miss Famous, ignoring her basket of toys

Then, suddenly, with no apparent explanation, she will take out half her toys just to hear them squeak.  And no, I did not stage this photo.  Except the dog.  I staged the dog, if by staging you mean telling her to sit/stay.

she likes it squeaky

Have a good weekend from the Famous house!

famous friday: famously tolerant

Miss Famous has had a very busy week.

Last Friday night, my 12 year old niece, aka The Whirlwind, came to visit for the weekend.  Miss Famous LURVES her.

On Sunday, the Whirlwind’s 3 year old brother joined my parents to come pick her up.  Miss Famous tolerates my nephew.  I think she loves him, just more when he’s occupied with things other than bestowing affection on her.  But she puts up with it.
(If you could see her eyes in this photo, they would be staring at you beseechingly.  Oh, and, um, forgive the elementary paint job.)

Then, on Monday La Famosa and I drove a few hours to my younger sister’s house, home of my other three nieces, who believed the visit was all about their getting to play with their new babydoll Miss Famous.Supposedly, this shot is of Miss Famous in her “pajamas,” but I think she looks more like an 80s aerobics instructor:Well, all of the visiting is over, so her Famousness is free to loll around the couch, cuddling with her squeaky toys:

happy July iclw

I remembered that ICLW is this week, and so that’s an improvement over last month.

But I’m really tired and have no creative juices to help me write a post worth reading.  Therefore, I am going to cut and paste last month’s post and adjust it for this month.  Here goes:

So, um, here’s my deal:  Divorce finalized in December, thus officially ending my verbally/emotionally abusive marriage.  Mr. X got remarried last month, and I’m feeling more and more free as time goes by.  While married, I experienced the “joy” that is infertility, which is how I got hooked into the ALI community.

Oh, yeah.  I had an appendectomy two weeks ago, and just returned to work on Monday, which may be part of why I have no creative juices right now.  I’m feeling fine, though, thanks. 🙂

I will also show you a picture of Miss Famous, who at this moment is very tired after a raucous evening playing with my friends’ dog, Gertie.  The dogs were banished to the back yard, until Miss Famous escaped, as she is a bit of an artist in that regard.

While I was recovering, Miss Famous and I did a lot of lying around the house together, which looked something like this:

or this:

But sometimes she would get up and look out the window:

That’s all I’ve got.  Happy ICLW!