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the cakes of birthdays past

In my family, there may not be a lot of birthday presents, but there is always cake.  Note the evidence:

The famous doll cake...

...and there she is again.

After my niece was born, we started celebrating together.

And sometimes, I even got to eat it. 🙂


what it is

Well, just about everyone was right in their guesses.  I suppose I wasn’t too sneaky in my attempt to conceal the subject of my photograph in last week’s photo challenge.  Here it is, a gift from my older sister, yes, cookie mix:

I’m feeling a little bit blah, to tell you the truth.  OK, more than a little bit, but I went to my doctor today and we’re going to try a different anti-depressant, so hopefully in 2-4 weeks I’ll be feeling better.

More to come soon.  I think I owe a sock post or something.

And I suck at this month’s ICLW.  Sorry about that.

friday photo challenge…take a guess

Any guesses?

Miss Famous is taking the day off as we are gearing up to go see the fam tomorrow for my nephew’s birthday.  I’m excited to see them, but anticipate a drain on my emotional energy.  Maybe some cute niece/nephew/La Famosa photos will be in the works for next Friday.  Hmmm…

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celebrate good times

For the Steadfast Warrior’s Friday Photo Challenge.

Theme:  Celebrations

In my family, birthdays mean cake and candles.

This year, for my first Hannukah on my own, I celebrated by myself, quietly (I showed a similar photo from a different night of Hannukah for show & tell).

the spice of my life

The theme for Lindsay‘s Friday photo challenge this week is variety.

You are looking at my daily dose.  Well, I actually take 8 of the brown ones and 12 of the black ones (both Chinese herbs from my Needle Lady), but I thought I showed enough. 🙂

Thyroid pill, antidepressant, birth control (for the PCOS), allergy pill, and vitamins, vitamins, vitamins.

Sometimes I feel like a pharmacy.