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show and tell: two things

(It’s been a little while since I’ve done a show and tell.  Gettin’ back in the groove, now.)

This show and tell is brought to you by the society of two things that have nothing to do with each other.

The first thing:  So on Sunday I was walking La Famosa and I came upon something interesting floating in a puddle.  I looked around to see if it might belong to anybody, but, alas, we were all alone on that street, no other soul around.  So, I took it home, rinsed it off (it was already wet), and took this photo so you could wish that you had found one just like it:

The second thing:  This is maybe my favorite funny video of all time.  It’s been around a couple of years, so you may have seen it.  Pesach (passover) started on Monday night, so in the spirit of the season (and with a warning that there is one NSFW word), I bring you:


show and tell: playlist

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The housemate is gone tonight so I get to turn the music way up.

Here’s what I listen to when I’m feeling like wallowing:

And here’s a little pick me up:

Or this one, which I recently rediscovered:

What do you listen to to feel better?

show and tell: the sound of her voice

We are taking a break from today’s earlier disappointments to talk about my dog (for a change, right?).  Ahem.

Miss Famous is usually a very quiet dog.  My roommate and roommate/landlady (i.e. my friend who owns this house but doesn’t live here and I give her the rent check) have commented about what a quiet dog she is.

Almost always.

She has been known to bark at dogs passing by as they walk with their owners.  She also does this growly kind of noise, but I’m not convinced it’s totally unfriendly.  Here, you take a gander (I never did figure out what she was looking at, btw):

She’s also very big on whining.  Very big.  Whining is big in the world of La Famosa (oh, and please excuse the mess):

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show and tell: shocking UPDATE on Lily-the-cat

You may or may not remember the show & tell post I did in September about my niece’s cat, Lily.

It was all about how the cat and Miss Famous get along, well, famously.  Some of you had concerns that these two did not get the memo about how cats and dogs are REALLY supposed to behave with each other.  I guess they didn’t, as you can see here:

You’ll be happy to know that Lily has fattened up quite a bit after having to survive on scraps my niece nipped from the fridge (lunchmeat, anyone?) after being left behind when the “cat-lady” moved out of the neighborhood.This photo really doesn’t do it justice.  Lily has become one fat cat.  In fact, some of us were concerned that Lily might in fact be pregnant at one point.

Well, we needn’t have worried.  It turns out that Lily is a BOY cat according to the vet.  Well, to be more specific, Lily is a boy cat without the boy parts (he was neutered at some point).

But, because he has already gotten used to his name (according to my niece), he will be keeping the name “Lily,” so as not to confuse him, I guess.  We have taken to calling him Lily the Boy, but we have a hard time remembering which pronoun to use.  He get’s “she’d” a lot.  He doesn’t seem to mind.

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show and tell: happy something to me

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So I signed myself up for a couple of photography classes starting in January.  The catch?  I needed to get a digital SLR camera for them.  This was a major present to myself.  I was actually signed up for a beginner’s photography class back in the city I used to live with Mr. X, but a little thing called leaving my abusive husband and moving out of state prevented me from participating in the class.

So, I finally started feeling like I had the energy for a once a week commitment, and I’ve wanted a “good” camera for a while.  Signing up for the dSLR introductory class gave me the kick in the butt necessary to spend the money on the camera.

So, the timing being what it is, this could be seen as a divorce present to myself, a New Year’s present, a belated Chanukah present, or an early birthday present.  Whatever.  I’m just glad that I’m willing to do such a nice thing for myself.  This is something that likely never would have happened if I had stayed married to you-know-who.

Now, I’ll actually take a picture with it after the battery charges and I can figure out what the hell I’m doing with this crazy thing.  For now, I’m just admiring how pretty it looks.

show and tell: help wanted–friend for miss famous

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I think my Miss Famous is an extrovert, especially with other dogs.  Which is great, except she has no close doggy friends at the moment.  I am searching  for dog-friend potential in every dog/owner we meet, but so far, no go.  The ideal friend for her would live in our neighborhood, so that get-togethers are easy.  We prefer a friend that can run around in the backyard with her…

or just hang out…

Cuddling is always good…

As are sloppy kisses…

And, to tell the truth, we aren’t actually all that picky about species…

show and tell: lighting the darkness

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If you don’t know, we are in the midst of Chanukah (there are16 ways to spell it apparently!).  This holiday comes right around the time of the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere, anyway), when things are about as dark as they’re going to get.  It is right in the midst of this darkness that we celebrate light with our festival of lights.  Each night as we light an additional candle, adding to their numbers, the light gets a little brighter, reminding us that darkness is not impenetrable, nor is it forever.

This photo below is of my Chanukah menorah (chanukiah) from last night.  It’s a new chanukiah, as I didn’t bring the other memory-laden ones I had before with me last Spring.  On the side, you can see the dreidel that Delenn gave me in the dreidel exchange.

May you find light in your darkest nights this winter.