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sock it to me

I was so incredibly excited to receive my socks from the lovely Anna Marie.  She did an amazing job picking out not one, not two, but THREE pairs of socks for me!The instructions:

Here is the topic of your post: It has been roughly a year and a half since the last SITM Exchange. Reflect on the past 18 or so months – how has support from others, either in the blogosphere or otherwise, helped you?

18 months ago I was pretty fresh off the final divorce decree and was about to start my divorce recovery class.  I was scared to death to let anyone in; I just wanted to stay home and hide.  I’m glad I did start to let people in, but the truth is that I wouldn’t have gotten to even that point without the love of my bloggy peeps.  In the 18 months or so since that time, I have slowly moved closer to opening up in the real world.  I’ve been blogging less, but I always feel that this is a place that I can let it all hang out, that I can be who I am, and there are true friends out there who care, even when I haven’t wanted to let  anyone get too close physically.  I feel like I’m moving forward, slowly, but definitely and surely, and it’s in large part thanks to all of you.  So again, and again, and again—thank you my lovelies.

And thank you again to Anna Marie.  To sign off, Miss Famous is posing here with the pair of socks that she chose in La Famosa’s honor.  They look pretty good together, don’t you think?

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sockin’ it to you, better late than never

When I opened my Sock Gram from Carrie at Letting It Out, I laughed out loud.  The socks she sent were perfect for me.I love my doggy socks and have already been complimented on them!

These socks are a tangible symbol of my blogging community and the support that you all have showered on me so many times in this last year.  Having all of you there, reading, commenting, emailing me words of encouragement, being my outlet, being the one place I could really let it out—I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through the last year without all of you.  My feeble words here aren’t really enough to express my appreciation for all of you.  Knowing that my words were being read, knowing that people who had never laid eyes on me cared so much about me lifted me up so many times, especially in those long months I had to live at my parents’ house (for which I am grateful, but I’m glad I don’t have to live there now).

When I got the socks, I took pictures of them right away and was planning to write this post quickly.

Well, I kind of fell in a hole and couldn’t write the post (until now), but I knew that you would all understand and be there when I found myself on solid ground again.  I’m so glad that I have all of you in my life.  Here’s to many more sock-a-thons together!

A million thanks to Kym for organizing this madness.  Stop over there to read other bloggers gushing about their new footwear.