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Add this to the list of stupid things people say…

The scene:  office baby-shower for co-worker in the last weeks of her oops! pregnancy.  People generally standing around and admiring the cute decorations.  Enter stupid co-workers 1 and 2—both middle aged grandmothers who regularly take it upon themselves to arrange your life.

Stupid co-worker1:  Hey, Quiet, when do we get to give you a baby shower?

Me: (mentally fumbling, wanting to stab her in the eye, but answering politely)  You’ll probably be waiting a while for that.

Stupid co-worker1:  (with great disappointment in her voice, as if I am committing the greatest social transgression ever)  Oh, Quiet Dreams!

(some time elapses)

Stupid co-worker2:  Hey, Quiet, when are you gonna have a baby?

Stupid co-worker1:  She said it’s gonna be a while.

Stupid co-worker2:  Oh, Quiet Dreams!

(After staying an appropriate amount of time, Quiet Dreams exits the festivities to go cry in her car.)